24 Pin Custom Sleeved PSU Cable

Octix PC Cosmetics
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Handmade 24 pin custom sleeved PSU cable.

Octix PSU Cables are some of the highest quality, hand crafted MDPC-X sleeved PSU Cables available. Each cable is made using highly flexible, high quality 18 gauge wire, official branded Molex terminalsand sleeved using official MDPC-X Sleeving.

All PSU cables are made straight and at 30cm as default. Please specify if you require a longer cable. (Recommended length is 50cm). Each cable comes with 1 free comb. If any more are required then please use the drop down in the product options above.

Please contact us if you have any further questions. 

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SuperNOVA P2 Series: 1600 P2, 1200 P2, 1000 P2, 850 P2, 750 P2, 650 P2
SuperNOVA G2 Series: 1600 G2, 1300 G2, 1000 G2, 850 G2, 750 G2, 650 G2, 550 G2

Super Flower Leadex Titanium: 1600, 1200, 1000, 850, 750
Super Flower Leadex Platinum: 2000, 1600
Super Flower Leadex Gold: 1600

AX Platinum Series - 860/760
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HXi Series: HX1200i, HX1000i, HX850i, HX750i
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RMi Series: RM1000i, RM850i, RM750i, RM650i
RMx Series: RM1000x, RM850x, RM750x, RM650x, RM550x
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XM2 Series: 1250W XM2, 1050W XM2
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XP3 Series: 1200W XP3, 1050 Snow Silent XP3, 1050W XP3, 750 Snow Silent XP3
XP2 Series: 860W KP2, 760W XP2, 660W XP2
XFX Pro Series Black Edition: 1250-BEFX, 1050-BEFX, 850-BEFX

Dark Power Pro 11: 1200W, 1000W, 850W, 750W, 650W, 550W
Dark Power Pro 10: 1200W, 1000W, 850W, 750W, 650W, 550W
Straight Power 10: 800W, 700W, 600W, 500W

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