Sleeving Picker Guide


In order to successfully order the correct pattern and colour scheme you desire on your custom cables then please follow the below:

1) Please go to the product you require. For example purposes we will be using the Full Set of Custom Sleeved Extensions:

2) In the field where it says "Colours to use" go to the sleeving colour page at and make a note of the colours that you desire. Put these colours into the "colours to use" field on the product page.

3) In regards to the Pattern Picker you will need to go to an external site under


4) Click each individual wire and select the colour from the wheel on the right. This will change the colour of the wire to the one you want. 

(NOTE: If you are picking different shades of the same colour like Atomic Green, Lambo Greeny, and Toxic Green then please let us know in the notes section of the cart which colour to use and where. We are always contactable on our email address

5) Once you have picked your pattern on this page then this will generate a custom URL underneath it like so (do not press Share As Image, Copy the URL out of the test field):

6) Copy the URL out of the above box and pop this into the "Pattern Picker" field on the product page.

7) Once you have done this, pick your other options and then add to cart. If there are any further instructions required then please add this to the notes box on the basket page. 

Any further questions then please contact us on the Contact Us page