Store is Offline

Hello one and all.

It is with a heavy heart that Octix has chosen to stop trading.

We have had some great fun over the past few years and learnt an amazing skill that we have shared with numerous people. We will always be proud of what we accomplished

The 3 of us that own and have run Octix solely, with the help of a few mutual friends, have all hit a turning point in our main career lines. This means we won't be able to spend any more after work evenings creating the creations we have loved to make. There are no jobs lost in the closing of the store as the manufacturing and customer service was done by the Directors.

Adam is still available to take requests for custom work and can be reached at if anyone would like to contact him for his services. The email will change for him eventually but we are keeping the emails open just for a little longer.

Thank you to all and everyone who placed an order with us, we have whole heartedly enjoyed making every singe custom cable, back plate and other items for you.

If you have a current order with us then please check your spam/junk email folder for correspondence from us before emailing for an update. All orders will be completed that are currently on and an email will be sent to each stating what is happening.

If you are looking for some sleeved cables and other products in the UK then we have a few suggestions below on who to use.