Acrylic GPU Backplate - Custom Design

Octix PC Customs
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Custom Hand Crafted GPU Backplate.

Made using Acrylic and custom design by you. 

Comes in a wide range of colours to go with your theme and the design is completely up to your own imagination. This could be a logo of a favorite brand, your favorite team or anything else. 

If you are unsure on how to measure your Backplate for us to design the plate then please let us know and we will help get the correct measurements for you. You will be contacted to go over the specifics once order has been put through is you have left the fields above blank.

We use 3mm Thick Acrylic to give a low profile design aesthetic whilst still keeping its rigidity.

Comes with 6 non conductive Thermal Pads to stick the plate to the PCB of your Graphics Card.

Block colour GPU Backplates also available.

The paint we use is Kobra Spray Paint. They manufacture up to 143 different colours to which we offer all of. Colours are subject to slight variations when paint is dry. Paint is not flammable and is non conductive.

Please note we are unable to cut designs out of the vinyl before spraying if some aspects of the design are 3mm or smaller. We will try to accompany any design and will test to make sure it can be cut. We cut the design on Vinyl before spraying the plate and then peel the vinyl off to show the design. If you opt to have the back of the plate sprayed then the design will show the colour that is on the back. Examples can be provided.


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