Full Set of Sleeved Cables - Single Colour

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Handmade full set of single colour sleeved extension cables

A Full Set includes

  • 1x 24 pin Sleeved Extension
  • 1x 4+4 pin CPU Sleeved Extension
  • 2x 6+2 pin GPU Sleeved Extension
  • 2x SATA Sleeved Cable

Due to amount of work involved in this product, no deviations can be made. I.e swapping cables for other products.

Octix extensions are some of the highest quality, hand crafted MDPC-X sleeved extensions available. Each extension is made using highly flexible, high quality 18 gauge wire.

All extensions are made curved and at 30 cm as default unless otherwise stated. They also come with 1 free cable comb. SATA cables come at 45cm only and can not be changed.

Please contact us if you have any further questions. 

Colours can be picked from THIS LIST

Pattern can be picked from HERE

Once Pattern has been picked then please note the URL in the "Share" box on the site and add this URL to the Notes section of the Basket.

All cables will have the clips facing inward of the arches. This is common on most graphics cards and motherboards to date. If this is not correct then please let us know in the Clip Position in Arch text box above. This only applies to cables with a curved orientation. If you select straight cables then this will not matter.