Lamptron FlexLight Multi RGB Programmable Infrared - 5m

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The Lamptron Flexlight Multi RGB Programmable is a 5 meter long LED strip which can be controlled with complete flexibility via the included infrared remote control. The colours and effects are highly customizable so you are able to compliment your computers color scheme perfectly.

- 5m long and with programmable RGB LEDs
- Each LED can be programmed individually to the needs of users
- Comprehensive effects for stylish lighting
- Control via infrared remote control (15 meter range)
- Power supply via 4-pin Molex connector

- Long: 5 Meter
- Lighting: RGB LEDs
- Control: Infrared remote control
- Range: 15 meters
- Voltage: 5V DC
- Operating temperature: -20 to + 60 ° C
- Power connection: 4-pin molex

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