Phanteks Multicolor Magnetic RGB LED Strip - 1 Metre

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Transform your Phanteks case with Phanteks’ multicolor RGB LED waterproof strips. The Phanteks RGB LED strips have integrated magnets in the silicone housing allowing for easy installation to the metal chassis. For aluminum chassis, our LED strip includes double-side 3M tape. The LED strip allows the user to control the colours with the LED switch matching the case’s LEDs. The strip is made of flexible PCB material and comes with a silicone housing which is more durable compared to commonly used Epoxy strips. They will not dry up or crack over time. Long lasting and waterproof. 


- Enthoo Luxe 
- Mini XL 
- Eclipse P400/P400S 

PLEASE NOTE Can be used in any case/motherboard that has a 4 pin header however you may need the RGB LED Adapter which can be found here

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